Ak-Sar-Ben RaceTrack
Omaha, Nebraska

(Nebraska spelled backwards)
Opened 1919 – Closed 1995

AksarbenA Record 31,969 attended on July 10th, 1982

Aksarben Starting GateThere was parking in the infield… you can see
where the cars would drive under the track to park.


ak-sar-ben-field-earlier timesThe complex was built in the 1920’s
and the coliseum in 1929

Ak-Sar-Ben Coliseum The adjoining coliseum was a great place to
get out of the Nebraska heat and watch the races
on the giant movie screen located on the stage.
Capacity 7,200

When handicapping races from the
60’s to 90’s with the Daily Racing Form
these 2 names were sure to get the big circle.
The Top Jockey
JL Lively 1972John L. Lively
Winner of ten riding titles at Ak-Sar-Ben!
Trainer Jack Van Berg

Jack Van Berg
For nineteen straight years between 1959 and 1977,
Jack Van Berg was the leading trainer at Ak-Sar-Ben
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For more information about Aksarben Racetrack
go to their website for a complete racetrack experience!

Aksarben website

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The Welcome Sign at the Street

A couple of the Ak-Sar-Ben
track announcers
Ak-Sar-Ben Omaha

TerryWallace Announcer

Terry Wallace

Chris Kotulak

Chris Kotulak


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Some 1983 – 84 video from the Omaha TV station
featuring the great races at Ak-Sar-Ben
Each video runs about 30 minutes but
definitely will take you back in time!

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The Track Philosopher
When He Frequented Ak-Sar-Ben in the ’70s
Bob MesekeRobert “Bob” Meseke

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