Kentucky Derby Hats (for men only…..)

(…. and for women who keep their men “stylin'”) In the early years of the last century it was customary for men to wear hats as part of their daily attire. Take a look at most sporting events of 50 to 100 years ago. Men’s fashion in those days were suits, sport coats, ties, dress shoes and of course the hat to bring it all together. As you can see in this race track photo from yesteryear hats were the fashion.

Somewhere around the early 60s’ and about the time of Elvis and the Beatles, head apparel disappeared altogether and long hair and big hair came into fashion. Into the 70’s, hats came back in the form of the baseball caps. But the brimmed hats of long ago are, over the last dozen years, slowly making a comeback and are the thing to wear to sporting events of all kinds these days – like the local race track and especially to The Kentucky Derby. Here are some things to know when choosing a great hat.

Types of Popular Hats for the Race Track:
(4 Basic Styles for the Race Track)
The Fedora (Most Popular)
The Boater (Least Popular)
The Panama Hat (Next Best Thing to the Fedora)
The Flat Cap (Becoming More Popular)


Hats that were once popular but haven’t returned:
(and probably for good reason)

The Top Hat
Looks Great on the Monopoly Man
The Bowler or The Derby
No relation to the Kentucky Derby

The different styles of the Fedora:
The Wide Brimmed Fedora
for those who want to feel like:
The Narrow Brimmed Fedora
Also called the Trilby
for those who want to feel like
The Very Narrow and Turned Up Brim Fedora
for those who don’t care what they feel like.
Currently the most popular is
The Straw Trilby Fedora
for men who want to feel like:

No matter what style you like it’s important to make sure it looks good on YOU. Big men look better in the wide brim just as leaner fellows look better in the Trilby. Make sure it fits – not too big and not too small but just right and very comfortable. It needs to look like it’s a part of you. Like this guy.

Even women look good in the Fedora but we don’t need to tell them…. they have hundreds of styles of their own to choose from today.

And finally, if you do choose the straw Fedora then make it your own by sticking some feathers or something in the brim to give it the personal touch.

And if you don’t have feathers put a dollar or a parking stub in your brim. And as a last resort use some wager tickets – I’ll bet you’ll have no problem finding a few of those around. Whatever you wear look good and feel good – dress for success at the track.

Remember, that you don’t have to look at yourself but others do, so show some consideration and leave the t-shirts, the ball caps and the ragged shorts at home. That’s all the fashion to do yard work not attend the pageantry of thoroughbred racing. If we all wanted to see hairy legs we could stay home in front of a mirror.
Let’s not let the ladies have all the fun with their wonderful hats and their gorgeous summer dresses. Guys, let’s bring it up a notch.And don’t forget, when you do pass a lady at the race track it’s customary to tip that nice looking head wear that she will be so obviously admiring.
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